I will no longer be accepting gifts through TikTok during the shows. Tiktok takes 70% of those gifts. I also am asking for anyone who has a subscription through TitTok, to cancel it. Tiktok takes 50% of that. If you would like to continue your support with the $5 a month, you can send it through my virtual tip jars of Venmo, Paypal, or Cashapp and i will get 100% of it. Because the show is now once a month, it works out the same, and then of course any thing above the $5 is grately appreciated. To be honest, even $1 shows your support. Again, I am a professional providing professional entertainment and a portion of the support has to go to the streaming sites, my podcast, YouTube, Spotify etc…etc. I do want to make myself clear, once again. I enjoy this show and I enjoy being with you. But my professional income is now all through what I do. I do this show to make extra money. This is not mandatory, by any means. The show will continue once a month. But those that continue to support through monetary tips, will get recognition with requests. I hope you all understand my position with this. Thank you all!

*Upcoming shows

Oct 4, Nov 8, Dec 20

8pm est on FACEBOOK TikTok