Hey Folks. I've reached over 120 emails for new song requests. At this time I have to shut down this form until I can knock this, list in half.  If there is ANYTHING  very very special you would like to hear for any occasion or dedication, please use the "YOU PICK THE SET LIST " form the day of the show, or email me directly through the contact on this website. Thank You!

Hi everyone. this request page is  for NEW SONGS ONLY. PLEASE CHECK THE FULL LIST OF SONGS BEFORE YOU FILL OUT THIS FORM! If you would like to request a song that is already on the list, please use the form, "You Pick The Set List" the day of the show.

I would also like to mention, again, that I am a professional performer, and as you can see, I do everything 1000%. I am not able to work during these times, because Broadway is shut down, and auditions are extremely scarce these days. This app has allowed me to release my creativity and has provided some much needed income, during these difficult times.  Any type of "virtual tip" or donation is greatly appreciated, but not necessary. I know these are difficult times for everyone. Again, thank you ALL so much for all the love and support. You are helping me as much as you all say I am helping you, during these times.