Something very special happens during the finale of our show. This finale includes 3 of Neil Diamond's hottest hits' Holly HolyBrother Love's Travelling Salvation Show and Cherry Cherry. The finale begins after  Robert performs  Pretty Amazing Grace. He places his guitar in the stand,  then exits the stage. The band continues to play, as Robert does a quick change. Soon the band begins Holly Holy and Robert emerges back on stage and pays tribute to a young Neil Diamond. Complete with a tailor made 70's wig, aviator sunglasses, pooka beads, and an identical shirt, Neil Diamond wore in a 1972 BBC Television concert. This 3 song finale is absolutely mind blowing. as the videos will show. They are broken down to 3 individual videos, but they run without stopping in the live concert. It truly is something, spectacular, to witness LIVE!

The Finale Videos

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